7 Tools for Managing Your Twitter Followers


In addition to the time you spend communicating with your audience on Twitter, there are many administrative tasks to take care of. How do you find people? How do you decide who to follow and unfollow? Which Twitter accounts are inactive? Thankfully there are some great tools available that enable you to quickly and efficiently […]

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7 Tips to Building a Better Platform Online

Whether you’re an author, a blogger, a comedian, or an evangelist, or some other business or brand trying to your message across,¬†building a platform online is one of the most important things that you need to do. Where do you start? As with building anything it all starts with a good foundation. Here are seven […]

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What is a Marketing Platform?

What is a Platform?

The simplest definition of a platform is a raised floor or stage. But what does that have to do with marketing or building a brand? Quite a bit, actually, because raised platforms or stages are used by public speakers, presenters and performers so that they can be seen by their audience. In this post I […]

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Who Needs a Platform?

There are many types of people who need a “platform” including: book authors bloggers public speakers preachers and evangelists comedians musicians politicians small business owners company brands charitable organizations and many more! In fact, anyone who is trying to convey a message, market a particular brand, or sell a product or service.

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Welcome to my Platform Pundit blog. I’m going to be blogging here about how to build an author platform and how to build your brand – whether you’re a writer, speaker, performer, etc.

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