5 Ways to Find Shared Circles on Google Plus

Have you noticed that there are “Shared Circles” on Google Plus? This is a powerful feature that enables you to share circles of people that you have curated. It also means that when you discover someone else’s shared circle of interesting people you can quickly add that entire circle to your circles.

To add a circle you need to find the post written by the creator of the circle at the time they shared it. Here is an example of how the post looks at Google+. This circle contains a group of experts whom I follow closely for their advice on self-publishing, e-publishing, and book marketing.

Indie Publishing Circle Shared

If you are interested in this particular circle you can click here to view the actual post at Google Plus.

Once you are viewing the post at Google+ you can click on View Shared Circle. A window pops up showing the people and pages in the circle. You can then either add people one by one or all at once. To add them all at once simply type the name of a new or existing circle, and click on Create or add to circles.

See how quick and easy that was!

One thing to keep in mind is that you now own that new circle. It will not be automatically updated if the original creator makes and changes. I suggest that you bookmark the original post so you can go back occasionally and check for updates

How to Find Shared Circles at Google+

That was an example of one of my circles, but how can you find circles on other topics that interest you? Here are several ways.

1. Search at Google Plus

In the Google+ search bar, search for:

“shared a circle with you” keyword

2. CircleCount

From this page at CircleCount you can search for shared circles. CircleCount is also a good tool for tracking some of your Google Plus data.

3. Public Circles

At Public Circles there is a database of shared circles on Google Plus. I found it difficult to search from their web page for shared circles, but to get around this I performed the search from the main Google search engine for:

keyword site:https://publiccircles.appspot.com

4. Chris Porter has compiled a shared spreadsheet at Google Docs

The spreadsheet lists more than 1300 shared circles. You can easily follow a link to the post for the shared circle as well as a link to the profile of the person who created the circle.

5. Google Plus Profiles & Communities

The following Google+ profiles and communities are dedicated to shared circles.

     Profiles:   Shared Circles on G+     Best Shared Circle
     Communities:   Circles

Did I miss any other good resources for finding shared circles? Please let me know in the comments section below!


Gary McLaren


  1. It would be better if Circles was set up like Drive. Perhaps a ‘People Drive’. This way the creator can set up folders or for ‘People Drive’ it could be circles instead of folders. The creator then shares those circles, and as the creator adds more ‘files’ or people, those he shared with see those updates.

    The great thing about Drive is that files that have been shared with you, you can put them in your own folders and move them around without changing the original structure of the shared files. It enables a user to sort things in a matter better suited to how his/her mind/thinking works. I love that flexibility.

    I see no reason why changing the format for Circles to reflect more of a
    Drive setting, wouldn’t eliminate the issue of not seeing updates to shared circles.

  2. Gary,

    We would be interested in connecting with other businesses in our area of greater Charlotte, NC but when we have searched for Google+ circles in our area, all we can find are individuals. Get the you have any suggestions on how to search for business pages on Google+ (whether they be within a certain geographic location or even within an industry).

  3. Great, helpful article. Thanks for sharing it. Best wishes for your continued success. Be well!

  4. Gary. Great article. So when you bookmark the original circle, if you click on it again, will you see updates? I’m trying to figure out as someone who creates a shared circle — how do I share the updates?

  5. Thanks, I was looking for the Google doc and finally found it.

    Took me at least 10 clicks, exasperated already 😀

  6. You really helped me to skyrocket my G+ friends! Thank you.


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